BOC and ATCO Australia named as preferred partnersfor South Australian Government's Hydrogen Jobs Plan

The South Australian Government has named BOC and ATCO Australia as its preferred partners for Hydrogen Jobs Plan which includes the world’s biggest hydrogen production facility, power plant and storage at Whyalla.

The Consortium (BOC and ATCO Australia) has committed to an early contractor involvement (ECI) agreement with the State Government, which involves detailed project and engineering design, procurement of critical equipment, finalise contracting arrangements, and cost estimations.

The design and construction of the Hydrogen Power Plant will include 250 megawatts of electrolysers designed to Linde's global engineering standards.

In a world first, the project will see the installation of 100 per cent hydrogen-operated fast-startup turbines constructed by GE Australia.

The project’s operations are set to commence in early 2026.

For more than two decades, BOC has been a proud member of the Whyalla community operating an Air Separation Plant and production site at the Whyalla steelworks servicing hospital and healthcare customers, food processes and a large range of industrial customers.

As a Linde company, BOC is a world leader in hydrogen operating over 158 large hydrogen plants including 80 electrolysers, with the largest liquid hydrogen capacity and distribution in the world, and technology that spans the entire hydrogen supply chain.

To view the South Australian Government’s media release, click here.